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How to Join

If you are interested in joining our group, please review our criteria below and email your intention to:

Participating Practitioners should:

(1) be fully established in their field and ideally have an existing web-presence;
(2) supply references/testimonials of their service(s) by paid customers (via website, LinkedIn, or email);
(3) understand that trading services within the Heal the Healer group is completely voluntary, and the trading practitioners’ responsibility to negotiate a fair and equitable trade based on the varying rates we all charge;
(4) respect the power of what we all have to offer and honor the purpose of the group.

Please submit an explanation of why you are interested and qualified to join Heal the Healer to We wish to add only those practitioners who fully understand and agree to the purpose of the group.

Please also supply your contact information, to be included on our website, in the following format:

[Website link]
[Phone Number]

We will notify you when you have been added, or if we have any questions or concerns.

Cheers to exponential healing!