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Philip Young, PhD

Philip Young, PhD

Philip Young

Spiritual Adviser, Astrologer, and Tarot/Oracle Card Reader
Phone: 919.971.6818

My name is Philip Young and I am a professional Spiritual Adviser and Priest of the Order of Melchizedek who uses the gift of guided intuition and tools of astrology, tarot/oracle cards, the I-Ching, pendulum, and applied kinesiology to help people along their life journey. If you have arrived here by recommendation or web search or by meeting me at an event and getting one of my cards, then, hopefully, I can be of service to you in some important and profound way.

Your spirituality matters. In our modern age it is easy to lose connection with this important quality of human existence, that is, until we find ourselves in a spiritual crisis. Of course you do not have to be in crisis to seek out a Spiritual Adviser; and, in fact, it is much better if you can access one regularly as a way to keep centered while moving along through your life development. We can work in direct consultation or use the various tools I have learned to help you wrestle with difficult situations, significant life changes, deeper inner self-knowledge, and your relationships with others and the world around you.

Most of my work is done using the tools of Astrology and Tarot/Oracle cards. When working with Astrology, I see the birth chart as part of a long soul evolution in continual development. For this reason I often talk about past life karma and current life goals. Your existence is part of an ongoing spiritually evolving process. With Tarot/Oracle cards I am a narrative guide. The tarot cards, individually and in spreads (of two or more cards), provide a narrative that we hold up to the story of our life. By comparing the two, you can make critical judgments to help you make better, more effective decisions. Both tools are designed to help you make consciously good choices.

Stylistically, I am very direct, but careful of client feelings. I have an Aries Sun and Scorpio Rising, so I tend to dive right in (Aries) and go deep (Scorpio). My Libra Moon provides me with compassionate sensitivity and fairness. So even though I will not mince words, I am kind and thoughtful about the messages I am guided to deliver.